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Improve your mining communication products


Virtual Reality

Cross platform cutting edge VR solutions. Experience your mine above and below ground in VR on HTC Vive, Oculus Go and online.  Book a demo with us and see what the future holds in mining data collaboration and technology.


360 Mine Tours

Investors can tour your mine from the comfort of their armchairs. This is an online, interactive tour that works across platforms. Drone footage and block model interactivity can be added. See our virtual tour of SEMAFO here.

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Film, Animation, Motion Graphics

From interviews to mine site tours, stunning photography, corporate films, CSR projects, mini documentaries, safety/orientation videos and more, we do them all. Our crews utilize state-of-the-art technology combined with creative skills that are second to none.

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Experience exactly what we do

You have to see it to believe it! We’d be happy to come to your office in the Vancouver area, or, we can set-up a remote real-time tour anywhere in the world with your HTC Vive. We’re leading the way in next generation mining communications to provide key solutions serving both you and your clients.

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 Proudly serving the mining industry since 2007


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Moon Patrol VR


We set out on a mission to provide a unique viewing experience of our underground El Mochito mine. We understood that a simple 2D photo of the operation lacks the visibility of a 360° view. The El Mochito Virtual Tour is a great tool for potential investors.

Chris Buncic, Ascendant Resources Inc. President and CEO



Meet the Team


Dan Audet - Managing Director


Adam Schellenberg -

Senior Producer


Terresa Audet - Marketing Manager


Christoph Helms -

Producer / Director and DOP


Jason Albrecht -



Kevan McGovern -

Film and Sound technician


Tony Specht -

Tactical Analysis


Corey MacGregor -



Collin Morrison -

Camera Operator


Andre Audet -

Geological Engineer, Advisor


Patrick Audet -

Electrical Engineer, Advisor


Jonathan Giesbrech

t -

Senior Editor


Joe Schweitzer -

B cam and gimbal master

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Track Record

We've served a long list of satisfied mining clients. Our success stem, in part, from a knowledge of the mining and exploration industry that enables us to direct clients to the style and product best suited to their need.

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Throughout the project you will get the quality service and quick responses we are known for.


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Moon Patrol VR